what is it, how are the formations and how to get there

We talk about the running base of the global adidas Runners community – what trainings and conferences take place there and how to be part of a vigorous running movement.

What is adidas Runbase

Adidas Runbase is the running club’s station and home base for the global adidas Runners community in major cities around the world. There are adidas bases in Moscow, Prague, Berlin, Milan, Tokyo, Boston – all over the world.

  • With adidas Runbase, the joint running training of club members in the open air under the guidance of trainers begins.
  • The adidas Runbase accommodates strength training, yoga, and cross-fit workouts.
  • There are master classes and lectures from coaches, sports doctors, nutritionists.
  • At adidas Runbase you can consult experienced athletes and find running buddies.
  • They also make a complete running diagnosis, assessing the degree of readiness, physical parameters, help to correct running technique; there you can get a massage or undergo other post-workout recovery procedures.
  • On the adidas Runbase you can meet running stars.

The running base is the physical location of the massive adidas running club, and you don’t need to be in a major city to join.

Adidas Runbase: what it is, how it works and how to get there

adidas Runners Community

The adidas Runners community running club has several hundred thousand members worldwide. For the most part, it’s a virtual community – runners play sports in different parts of the world, support each other with likes, exchange news, and compete remotely.

Club affiliation is determined by creating an adidas Runners account on the adidas Running (formerly Runtastic) website or app. If you first create an account on the site, it is simply synchronized with the application – or vice versa.

Members of Adidas Runners train separately and alone on their own schedule and schedule, but the virtual community has a pretty strong offline component. Regularly, members of adidas Runners can participate in joint outdoor running and weight training sessions, lectures and masterclasses given by experienced runners and athletes, learn about events in online – the same lectures and training, but “remote”.

adidas Runners has its own philosophy based on living a healthy and active lifestyle while taking care of the world. Adidas Runners members are also the first to know about new releases in the brand’s collections and, as members of the running club, can benefit from discounts on equipment and sneakers.

adidas Runbase in Moscow

In Moscow, adidas Runbase is located next to the Luzhniki Stadium on Luzhniki Street, 24, building 19. It is a base for runners with the necessary infrastructure – lockers, showers, conference room, relaxation area with chairs and Wi-Fi, a cafe. On the ground floor is a boutique with the brand’s clothing.

To get to the base, simply register on the site for an open training or event and come on the day and time of the event. A card is issued on site – it is also the key to the locker.

adidas Runbase events in Moscow are published on the adidas.ru site and in the adidas Running application in the “Events” section (select the city of Moscow in the search), as well as on Instagram, VKontakte.

adidas Runners in other cities

The adidas Runners community is present in dozens of major cities around the world, which you can find on the community site. In Russia, adidas Runbase is only available in Moscow.

Worldwide, adidas is represented in almost all European capitals, in North and South America, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Asia. You can find running communities all over the world and attend club events.

By selecting the desired city, you can view information about it and about events – the search will immediately lead to the local adidas Runbase, a selection of events, a list of coaches. To access the adidas Runners event, you need to register conveniently – via the website or via the app.

For example, this is what the adidas Runbase training area in Berlin looks like. There is also a mini spa with a massage table, a private LAB kitchen with delicious and healthy food, a space for conferences.

How are the workouts

The training program of the week appears in advance on social networks and on the adidas Runbase site – on the site for a longer period. Running workouts are divided according to participants’ fitness and running levels: beginner and advanced. The courses take place in parallel with different trainers, whose pages are on the adidas Runbase site.

  • By type, there are workouts for running technique, interval, longs, fartleks, tempo.
  • In Moscow, technical running training takes place at adidas Runbase in Luzhniki. Interval training is carried out in arenas – “Moskvich” or “CSKA”. Long races also depart from the base and take place in its surroundings, in Gorky Park.
  • During the week, training takes place in the evening, at 7:00 p.m. or 7:30 p.m., so that working runners can join them. On weekends, training takes place in the morning, at 10:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. Collection at the starting point – 10 minutes before the start of the lessons.

The adidas Runbase also accommodates tough workouts for advanced runners – Draft Me Hard and Die Hard.

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Adidas Runbase: what it is, how it works and how to get there

Write me hard

This is an alternating intensity workout. It consists of a 10-minute warm-up, alternating light accelerations and calm jogging, running uphill. The next part of the workout consists of alternating tempo runs in three different groups:

  • 20 minutes. in 1 minute mode. at the rate of 3h20/km and 1 min. at the rate of 3h40/km;
  • 14 mins. in 1 minute mode. at a rate of 4:00/km and 1 min. at the rate of 4h40/km;
  • 10 minutes in 1 min mode at a rate of 4h30/km and 1 min. at a rate of 5:00/km.

At the end – a hitch for 15-30 minutes. Distance – 10km.

die hard

The toughest workout ever launched from the adidas Runbase. It’s a long tempo. The Die Hard Running movement has been around for just over a year and includes advanced runners who can run 30 kilometers at a fast pace.

The participants are divided into groups according to the rhythm: 4h00, 4h30 and 5h00. Each group is led by a coach who sets and maintains the pace. It’s a really tough workout that involves no stopping and there’s no waiting around for underdogs.

Lectures and master classes

Topics of lectures, workshops, master classes cover running, theory and practice of running training, basics of nutrition and everything related to running in one way or another. ‘another one.

Coaches talk about running technique, race preparation principles, special running drills, muscle building for runners. Part of the meetings are devoted to the prevention and treatment of common running injuries, such as knee injuries and kinesio taping – these lectures are given by sports doctors.

There are lectures on the basics of nutrition for athletes and runners in particular – they tell you how and what to eat during preparation, whether it’s worth loading up on pasta before a marathon and how to eat well while running a distance.

Level of training, registration, cost

To access adidas Runners training, you must register for the event under your account via social media, website or app. Participation in practices and events is free, and because of this, there are really full houses at club events – there are around 200 regular participants in the club, and new ones come, so it is best to register for advance. Ranbase services (shower, cloakroom) are chargeable, but the prices are quite reasonable.

You can participate in adidas Runners club and Runbase training at any level of training, but you should evaluate it wisely at least in the first stage. It is important to understand that for intervals, tempo, long training you need to have some running experience, so it is better for complete beginners to choose for themselves, for example, training in the technique of race. However, when in doubt, the base coaches will help assess the level of readiness.

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