Top 20 of the most unusual and creative chicken coops! –

Top 20 of the most unusual and creative chicken coops!

The chicken coops aren’t necessarily old shabby wooden buildings. Give your little chickens a fun and colorful home! Let your imagination run wild and create a unique chicken coop that will add character to the exterior of your home. These 20 inspirations dug up on Pinterest are as unusual as each other. Between the carcass of a car or the western version of the cabin, there is something for everyone. Discover these chicken coops built by poultry lovers!

1) A chicken coop with its own garden

This way the hens have their own place!

2) A high chicken coop

This small staircase to the chicken coop gives a design and an uncluttered side. The chickens are now playing sports!

3) An old tree converted into a chicken coop

A 100% natural shelter!

4) The mirror effect

How about building a chicken coop just like your own home?

5) All in color!

This chicken coop becomes a real eye-catcher. A real rainbow!

6) an old trailer

Get a chicken coop mounted on wheels and travel with your favorite gallinaceous birds!

7) In the middle of a flower field

Plant your favorite flowers to kill two birds with one stone! This gives an ornamental garden just for the chickens.

8) A touch of color flash

The red contrasts nicely with the white walls. Your chicken coop will not go unnoticed!

9) an old bus refurbished

You would almost think that the chickens are going to school!

10) western style:

A hotel lost in the middle of the desert in a true Hollywood western setting

11) A design and contemporary chicken coop worthy of an architect’s creation

12) A reception to do your “Check-in”

13) A chicken coop in the shape of an old locomotive

On worship!

14) In the shape of an Indian tepee

15) A simple buffet

Are you renovating your furniture and you don’t know what to do with that old dresser? Turn it into a chicken coop!

16) a magical chicken coop

This chicken coop looks like it came straight out of an enchanted forest.

17) Roll My Chicken!

An old car wreck is a perfect chicken coop.

18) A hut perched like a beehive

Except that the hens don’t sting.

19) hippie style

Focus on details and lots of color to brighten up your courtyard!

20) an egg-shaped chicken coop

What if you were just inspired by the chickens to build the shelter? This egg-shaped chicken coop is really impressive!


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