How to take care of your skin before and after running

How running affects the condition of the skin of the face

Let’s start with the good news. Running stimulates blood circulation and activates the supply of oxygen to cells, and with it they receive useful substances. During training with sweat, toxins and toxins are removed from the skin, and cell regeneration processes are launched.

At first glance, it may seem that the skin is happy about all this, we run and get younger, but no – unfortunately, the body perceives sports loads as stress.

During running, the sebaceous glands work at their peak, provoking a copious secretion of sebum (sebum) and moisture (sweat). The pores open and, together with dry air, attract dust and microorganisms into the epidermis.

Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the epidermis loses moisture and collagen, skin reserves decrease, pigmentation, dryness, and wrinkles appear. This is at best. At worst, skin cancer can develop as a result of regular long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

The maximum that we can do for the skin during sports is to help, the minimum is not to interfere.

What to put on your face before a run

Cosmetologists recommend periodically giving the skin a break even from care products. Training is the best time for this. But if “bear” skin makes you feel uncomfortable, apply a light moisturizer  – a water-based cream, serum or fluid.

During sports activities, the skin does not need active agents. The main task of skin care cosmetics at this moment is not to clog pores and retain moisture in the epidermis as much as possible. Hydrofixators – glycerin, aquarium, collagen, ceramides – will help to cope with this.

If during winter runs you suffer from chapped skin, dryness, and tightness, pick up a nourishing cream with vegetable oils, fatty acids, lipids, ceramides, and cholesterol.

Many brands have a line of cold creams (cold cream) – special products for winter care based on water and wax. Cold cream protects the skin from cold air, chapping, and overdrying, and also softens, nourishes and relieves irritation. The tool forms a thin protective film on the face, which becomes a barrier to the negative effects of the environment.

A cream with a sun protection factor of at least SPF 30 is a must-have for supporters of sports and outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter if you run under the scorching sun or in cold weather, we are exposed to the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation in any season. Choose products that are light in texture and oil-free to avoid clogged pores and blackheads.

Pay attention to moisture-resistant sunscreens (sunscreen) for athletes who do not wash off afterward – relevant for long runs and training. The packaging of such a product should indicate “waterproof” or “water resistant”.

Manufacturers of sports sun protection promise that the cream will work for at least 80 minutes after application, even when immersed in water. Such products can be found at Sun Bum, Blue Lizard, Neutrogena, Elta MD, Sun Block, Christina Moss, Missha, KIneSYS, and Hawaiian Tropic.

At any time of the year, a runner will need hygienic lipstick or lip balm – protection from chapping, drying out, and cracks on the lips. Give preference to products with oils, vitamins and nutrients. Do not use products with a glossy or varnish finish – the sticky texture will only interfere.

Can I use makeup

We have already found out that while running, the skin is vulnerable and independently tries to get rid of all the harmful things that have accumulated in it. Now imagine that we cover all the “points of emergence to the surface”, i.e. pores, with a layer of foundation, add blush, bronzer, highlighter and other “essentials” on top.

All this cocktail of sebum, dust and decorative cosmetics is absorbed by the skin like a sponge. Consequences – “black dots”, irritation, acne.

If it so happened that you can’t do without a make-up, or you have a “very important workout with very necessary people”, here are a few life hacks on how to emphasize beauty without damaging the skin.

Before a low-intensity workout, you can apply a thin layer of a light water-based BB cream (BB – beauty balm). This type of decorative cosmetic is a symbiosis of a skin care cream and tinting pigments, so the cream has a caring effect and helps to hide imperfections a little.

A good solution in this situation would be mineral powder. Its components are less aggressive than those of regular powder and do not clog pores, which is why mineral makeup is used for problematic skin. The product will help to slightly cover redness and imperfections.

Some drugstore brands offer sun protection in the form of a tinted moisturizer, a lightly tinted sunscreen moisturizer. So you “kill two birds with one stone” – you get the necessary protective SPF and a cream that slightly evens out the tone. Examples of products in this format: Bioderma Photoderm AR SPF50 30, Holy Land Sunbrella Demi Make-Up and Avene Sun Tinted Fluid SPF50+.

Apply a little concealer under the eyes and blend it lightly with your fingertips. If necessary, add a couple of drops of the same product around the corners of the mouth, at the wings of the nose and on spots that confuse you.

Eyelashes can be slightly emphasized with waterproof mascara.

What to do while running

Here it would be more correct to say what NOT to do while running.

The most important recommendation is not to touch your face with your hands, otherwise, a cocktail of dust and microorganisms will penetrate even deeper into the pores.

Try not to wipe the sweat off your face with your hand. It is better to blot it with a paper towel or a moisture-absorbing cloth bandage that is worn around the wrist. The bandage must be washed after each workout, as it quickly becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

In no case do not touch the inflammation, if they are on the face, otherwise, a couple of such “comrades” will quickly come running to the call.

What to do after a workout

To begin with, thoroughly cleanse your face, in other words, wash your face thoroughly. Soft “washers” – gels, mousses and cream gels for washing pleasantly cleanse and do not irritate the skin .

Do not use face products with abrasive particles, scrubs, gel peels – the skin is sensitive at this moment, grains can cause irritation and injure the epidermis.

If it is not possible to wash your face in the usual way, for example, at competitions, bring cleansing face wipes in your sports cosmetic bag . They look like tiny, thin towels soaked in a special cleanser, often with added antibacterial, moisturizing, or nourishing ingredients. One wipe is enough to tidy up your face, or two if you are wearing makeup.

After washing, it is advisable to use a tonic . Choose products that include moisturizing and soothing ingredients, antioxidants – extracts of chamomile, calendula, hawthorn, echinacea, bamboo, green tea, acai berries, aloe, seaweed.

Using cotton pads, do not stretch the skin – wipe the face with light movements. You can apply the life hack of Asian beauties – moisten your palms with tonic and blot your face with them.

After training, the skin is ready for active care. The processes of cell metabolism have started, the pores are open and ready to “absorb” the useful components of care products.

This is the right moment to use cosmetics of certain lines – anti-aging products, contour tightening creams, detox creams, and brightening creams. Special products such as concentrates, serums and essences applied under cream will work well. Or just use a basic moisturizer for your skin type.

But it is undesirable to use nutrients: it is likely that the oils that are often part of such cosmetics will clog pores and do you a disservice in the form of comedones and blackheads.

What to consider with problematic skin

It is based on the same rules that we wrote about above – before jogging, apply a basic moisturizer and / or sunscreen (required oil-free – oil-free), after – thoroughly cleanse the skin with a non-aggressive mild cleanser and use a skincare product.

If a beautician has recommended therapeutic care for you, consult which remedy is best to apply after a workout. It can be a soothing cream (with tea tree oil, evening primrose, vitamins C, A, E, F and group B, aloe, calendula, and chamomile extracts) or cream with anti-inflammatory and healing components (kaolin, boric, and salicylic acid, zinc, magnesium ). The composition of cosmetics for problem skin also includes substances that enhance the protective functions of the skin – panthenol, allantoin, and azelaic acid.

After running, you should not use peels with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA acids – glycolic, lactic, citric, malic, almond, azelaic) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA acids – salicylic) – leave them for other days when the skin is less sensitive.

An important remark: neither before, nor during, nor after running (and indeed, preferably never) do not touch your face with your hands and do not squeeze pimples. This can provoke the development of the inflammatory process and infection.

How to take care of the body

The problems here are the same: active sebaceous glands, sweat, dirt, and ultraviolet. The skin on the body, as well as on the face, can be a different – normal, oily, dry, combination. And she also needs to be taken care of.

Before or on the day of training, we do not recommend depilation (electrolysis, waxing, sugaring). As a result of mechanical impact in places of hair removal on the body, the skin is injured – irritation and rubbing are inevitable.

If there is no way without epilation, make an effort to quickly heal the skin in these places – use panthenol, pantestin or moisturizing SOS products as much as possible.

Applying a body moisturizer before going out for a workout is not logical – you will actively sweat, moisture will mix with the moisturizer, and dust will cover the sticky surface.

But this rule does not apply to sunscreen  – it can and should be applied to open areas (especially take care of the shoulders – they most often suffer from sunburn).

Choose a product with SPF 25-35, and if you have to run in the open sun for a long time, take SPF 50.

When preparing for starts, especially for long distances, do not forget about such faithful companions of runners as Vaseline or its more modernized version – Body Glide. These simple remedies save from chafing and blisters in the most sensitive places.

The modern version of Vaseline – Body Glide  – is available in the form of a cream or stick. The tool is easy to apply, and in addition to the protective functions, its components moisturize and soothe the skin.

When choosing this format of protection against rubbing, pay attention to the composition of the product to include beeswax, petroleum jelly and vitamins. The active components of the product soften the skin, while wax and petroleum jelly create a protective film on it.

After training – a refreshing shower and body care time. For oily skin, choose oil-free shower products (usually clear gels). Cream gels (often codenamed “pearl luxury”, “vanilla cream”, “silk bliss”, etc.) contain more nourishing ingredients that can clog pores. Refreshing light products with exfoliating particles are a good solution.

If it is not possible to immediately take a shower, use body cleansing wipes. Some brands produce 2-in-1 products – for the face and body at once. The wipes are impregnated with a cleanser and help to quickly cleanse the body of sweat, dirt (moderate), and dust. Of course, they will not replace a shower, but in emergency cases, they help out a lot.

If you manage to carry out a maintenance exercise within 30-40 minutes after a run, it will definitely work in your favor. During physical activity, cell renewal processes are launched, and immediately after training, they better perceive the beneficial components of care products.

It’s time to use anti-cellulite cream, balm to improve skin firmness and elasticity, moisturizing milk. Before this, you can additionally clean the skin with a scrub with small abrasive particles. This procedure will warm up the skin, activate blood circulation and enhance the effect of special creams.

We collect sports cosmetics

What to do if immediately after training there is no opportunity to drop into the house and completely put yourself in order, and there are business and meetings ahead? Gather your sports makeup bag, which you can take to training and leave in the locker room, car or at work.

To optimize the space in your cosmetic bag, use product thumbnails, travel formats and samples – they are ideal for such cases.

Here are some resources to have on hand:

  • Facial cleansing wipes. Especially useful after a run. They help to “get through” with cleansing to the nearest shower.
  • Cleansing wipes for the body. Antibacterial wipes, preferably without alcohol (for example, for children).
  • Sunscreen. Apply before training if you run outdoors. In the arena, you can do without it. Degree of protection – 25-35 SPF (50 SPF for especially sunny days).
  • Vaseline/Body Glide. They will save places prone to rubbing (armpits, groin, nipples). A must have for long runs.
  • Facial moisturizer. Your favorite base cream, fluid or cream gel. Can be replaced with a moisturizing serum or concentrate.
  • Lip balm. A moisturizing balm with a light tint that gives brightness to the lips, or a colorless product, is suitable.
  • BB cream/mineral powder/concealer. If you want to even out your tone a bit and look fresh. The texture should be light and the product should be non-comedogenic.
  • Mascara. Basic, without “stage effect”, better – waterproof.
  • Moisturizing body cream. Useful after cleansing to replenish moisture deficiency in the epidermis.