Here’s the most unusual trick to getting great orchids

Orchids are very popular plants for their beauty and elegance. However, they are not always the easiest to maintain. Between root problems and the difficulty of re-flowering, it can be difficult to keep these flowers we love healthy. Also, any tips are good to receive. And while they can also be simple to install and effective, it doesn’t matter if they’re a little unusual! So, find this trick to get great orchids… while recycling your nutshell the smart way!

Why use walnut shells for orchids?

In small cravings, nuts are often at stake! Thanks to their rich nutrients (vitamins B and E and omega-3) they are a wonderful snack, just like their bark, which is not left out and which is good for our plants! When slid into the soil of our orchids, they help them thrive at their best by making the ground more airy. An excellent substitute for clay stones, they allow for great good soil oxidation and one efficient water flow inside the jar. This allows the plants to better absorb the water produced by irrigation. When placed on a substrate, they also allow retains moisture and heatwhich reduces the need for watering your orchid.

Authors: LubosHouska / Pixabay

And most of all, thank you to them iodine wealth, they prevent the soil from becoming too calcareous, which is certainly not good for the development and health of this type of plant. In addition, this iodinated side acts as a repellent for any small harmful insects that would get the idea to rub too close to the flowers. Finally, these shells break down very slowly, allowing the orchid to benefit from them for a long time.

How to proceed ?

Whether you use walnut, pecan, hazelnut or macadamia shells, the properties remain the same. However, under no circumstances can you use them as you would in your plants. Is right always grind them in a mill or crush them with a hammer before use. Then you can use them in many ways.

brightness of orchid re-flowering
Authors: Flickr / Maja Dumat (Blumenbiene)

First, they can serve drainage if they are slid to the bottom of the boiler. Otherwise, they may be sensitive is added to the substrate, preferably with pine bark, vegetable moss, coconut fiber or even clay balls if desired. Like coffee reindeer or eggshells, your food waste enriches the soil in addition to promoting good aeration. Finally, their use mold is a very effective last resort.

And if we don’t have orchids, what do we do with our nutshells?

They have many uses in the garden. So instead of putting them in the trash, think carefully! We can, for example add them to your compost bin. It is then necessary to make sure that they are crushed well before being added to the compost so that they break down well. After several months, you will get a very effective natural fertilizer. You can also burn them directly to get ash is very rich in good nutrients. For all green plants, houseplants, shrubs and even orchids, you can use this ash to enrich the soil!