Here are 7 amazing and unexpected things you can compost –

Here are 7 amazing and unexpected things you can compost

Compost is becoming more and more popular. And if we had recently brought you an article about the things you could or shouldn’t put in it, we would never have talked about the amazing things you can compost… And yet there’s a lot of unsuspected waste out there . have their place! Here are a few examples you might not have thought of to make your trash bags even lighter.

1) Cork stoppers

If you’re not using them daily with some cool recycling tips, put them in the compost! Of course, you should be wary of plastic imitations larger than life here. However, if you have real natural cork stoppers, they can be added to your compost. You may want to cut it into pieces to make it easier to break down. As for the glass from the bottle, of course go to the trash!

2) Cotton swabs and cotton balls

Who would have believed it? The bathroom can benefit from a small basket dedicated to composting, such as the kitchen. There are indeed some surprising little things to compost, like your cotton swabs. To do this, of course, we must turn to those who are plastic-free. Anyway, they are doomed to disappear! And if we don’t use dental floss, we can cut up cotton balls and small rolls of toilet paper.

3) vegetable sponges

If you’ve decided to grow loofah sponges in the garden, good news: they can go back there in the form of compost! In addition, all the sponges there can end their lives in peace, so don’t hesitate to replace your synthetic sponges, which are a regular source of waste, with these alternatives.

Credit: Pixabay/Ben_Kerckx

4) Clothing made from 100% natural fibers is also one of those great things you can compost

When a fabric is old, irreparably stained or damaged, there’s a great temptation to throw it away if you can’t save or donate it. Yet we can often make rags for the household! Natural fiber materials such as pure linen, silk, cotton or wool can also be placed in the compost. To do this, of course, you have to divide them carefully and remove all more synthetic, metallic or at least non-compostable additives: zipper, buttons, chemical or paint stains, etc.

5) Hair, fingernail tips and body hair

Does it drive you crazy to see the tufts of hair your cat shed on the couch or your dog proudly enthroned on the carpet? You may find some comfort in the idea of ​​being able to toss them in the compost! By the way, don’t forget to put your hair in it when you clean your brush or bits of nail. And when you cut your bangs or your height, think about that too. It’s certainly not very tasty, but if it’s effective…

6) your pet’s old food

If the chunks are old after being in a corner for too long, they can be put in the compost. Make sure you bury them so your fur ball can’t smell them… A little too gluttonous doggy throwing itself into the compost isn’t one of those amazing things that can be composted! 😉

7) The contents of your vacuum cleaner bag

First of all, keep in mind that some vacuum cleaner bags are themselves compostable. So don’t hesitate to check out what it’s made of to find out! As for the contents of the vacuum cleaner, these are generally the surprising things to compost before, such as body hair, hair or nails. The dirt that is found there, such as dust, is also not incompatible with compost. This should of course be avoided if you have recently collected non-compostable waste, such as metal or plastic. In this case it will be the direction of the trash without saving!