Discover 10 very original and decorative hanging plants –

Discover 10 very original and decorative hanging plants

Hanging plants are particularly decorative in planters or on the edge of a balcony. Perennials or flowering plants, in the spring there is a wide choice. Easy to grow and taking up little space, hanging plants are also irresistibly beautiful. They still require some preparations such as thinking about the flower pot to hang up, the right type of soil, fertilizers and the amount of water. Beautify interior and exterior with beautiful colors and enchanting floral scents! Here are 10 original and decorative hanging plants.

1) The Rhipsalis

Rhipsalis is a thornless cactus! This tropical plant has a funny haircut. The long tendrils of green leaves resemble tousled hair. They grow almost endlessly, you just have to prune them regularly.

Credit: Tangopaso/Wikipedia

2) Le ceropegia woodii

Its heart-shaped leaves and twisted stems give it a crazy charm.

Ceropegia woodii
Credit: Maja Dumat/Flickr

3) petunias

Petunias are often found in hanging pots. You will find an infinite number of different colors and shapes of flowers. Very low maintenance, the petunia adapts to every gardener and there is something for everyone!

Credit: Hans/Pixabay

4) Le tradescantia

The tradescantia looks like a precious jewel with its gold, silver or red colored leaves. The white or pink flowers provide a touch of brightness.

Credit: Tammarazzi/Pixabay

5) fuchsia

The flowering of fuchsia is generous and impressive. The flowers are sublime and bloom all summer.

Credit: Fietzfotos/Pixabay

6) L’impatient valeriana

Easy to care for and easy to grow, impatiens can be grown in a hanging pot. It blooms non-stop in spring and summer. However, he is afraid of the cold, so he will have to be returned warm in the winter.

Credit: GoranH/Pixabay

7) The Clock:

This romantic and delicate flower offers a wide palette of extraordinary colors. There are more than 300 types of bells, so the shapes are very diverse. For a rural garden, the campanula is made for you!

Credit: Hans/Pixabay

8) L’aeschynanthus

Aeschynanthus is a plant that stands for passion! Her deep red color and her lipstick-shaped flowers make her a real sensual plant. Her long hair of green leaves falls down delicately.

Credit: Mokkie/Wikipedia

9) the poor man’s orchid

The poor man’s orchid (or Schizanthus) is the ideal plant if you dream of an exotic flower pot. It is the leaves that remind of the shape of the orchid. You can see this plant blooming from early summer to early fall.

Credit: Hans/Pixabay

10) ivy

Ivy is the most famous hanging (or creeper)! Easy to maintain, grows very quickly.

Ivy plant
Credits: Curriculum_Photografia / Pixabay


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