Cherry Blossoms: The Most Beautiful Cherry Trees in Japan –

Cherry Blossoms: The Most Beautiful Cherry Trees in Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun is best known for its beautiful cherry blossoms that can be admired all spring. During this period, Japan is adorned with soft, pink and fluffy colors. The people of the country come together to celebrate this important moment, which is the blossoming of the cherry trees. Tokyo is one of the most popular destinations, but other smaller cities are also worth a visit. If you prefer the big cities, go to Osaka with the most special cherry trees. Here are some photos of the most beautiful cherry blossoms to take you on a journey through Japan’s spring.

1) Some branches of a Sakura

Mount Fuji in the background sublimates the landscape.

2) Cherry Tree and Mount Fuji

The cherry trees, Mount Fuji, but especially the temples are the great representative symbols of Japan.

3) A landscape all pink

4) A beautiful path

5) take a walk in a park with cherry trees

It is an ideal walk for enthusiasts, but you better not be allergic to pollen!

6) A path that leads directly to Mount Fuji

7) A dreamscape

8) When nature takes back her rights

9) Go up high to admire the scenery

10) These pastels are sublime

11) like in a dream

12) A sublime color contrast

13) Cherry trees lit by a lantern

14) head in the clouds

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