9 Rules for safe training for parents

The weather makes its own adjustments, but is not an absolute hindrance to the race. You can run in the rain, in the snow and in strong winds. Only in wet weather it is necessary to cover the stroller with a special raincoat, and in strong winds to firmly hold the handle of the stroller to avoid unexpected changes in the path of its movement.

Winter tests the strength of all runners, and even a runner with a stroller will struggle more than the others. After all, not only does he run, but also the stroller. During this period, you will have to choose open sections of the road, overcoming difficult places to pass at the slowest speed or on foot. And it may happen that in heavy snowfall you have to forget about freedom of movement and drive back and forth along a small open section of the road. But the satisfaction of running, even with obstacles, is worth it.

Jogging with a stroller

4. Be careful

Running with a stroller will require you to be 100% attentive. It is necessary to constantly monitor not only the surface on which you are running, but also to pay attention to oncoming obstacles in the form of cars, people, animals, poles, trees, etc. to avoid an unexpected collision.

Potholes, curbs, ice can lead to sudden shocks and loss of control of the stroller, up to its overturning and falling. Therefore, it is better to run in the daytime, when there is one hundred percent visibility on the street. But if you have always gone for a run in the evening, it is advisable to run along a familiar route and at low speed.

But it’s not just the visual attention that needs to be at the top. Your ears also bear some responsibility. You are not running alone, but with a baby. You must hear not only what is happening around you to react in a timely manner, but also your child, who can wake up at any time by warning you with a loud cry. Many runners run with headphones, and I’m one of them. When I was running with a child, I put the earphone in one ear and played music quietly.

5. Hold the stroller handle firmly

While running, you should hold the stroller handle firmly with both hands. It’s like a steering wheel for your car. It is possible to drive a car with one hand, but in the event of the unexpected, you may not be able to control it. And when you hit an uneven section of the road, the manual attachment will not only help minimize unnecessary swinging of the stroller, but also prevent the possibility of it falling.

In this case, you should not rely on the handle with your whole body. You should hold it firmly, but without pressure or downward pressure. Just press forward. At the same time, you need to be prepared for the fact that such a run will additionally load the muscles of the arms and back, which are not involved in normal running. It is better to raise the handle upwards, but not to the maximum, so that the hands do not hang below, and their position was as close to the race as possible. During training, you will find the most comfortable hand position for yourself.

Jogging with a stroller

6. Check your wheels before you run

Stroller wheels must be securely fastened. I have the most common inexpensive four-wheel Zippy Classic stroller that many non-running Russians use. The wheels have two modes: they are fixed in one position and can rotate around their axis. During the run, I fix the wheels in one position, otherwise, at high speeds, they can turn sharply, causing a sharp turn or braking of the stroller.

And one more important point: always check the reliability of the wheels on the axle before riding. I don’t know about other models, but the rear wheels of Zippy strollers do not have a very secure support, which can open when running on uneven surfaces, and therefore – the wheel does not immediately take off, but gradually flies off the axle. Losing a wheel while running can cause the stroller to fall. In addition, while jogging, it is better to periodically watch the wheels in order to avoid losing them.

7. Remove all unnecessary things from the stroller

Make your stroller as light as possible to save muscle effort. If possible, do not put anything in the stroller except the child, remove the lower basket and the bag, which is usually hung on the handle. You don’t need those extra pounds. Running with a stroller is much more difficult than without. You will have to put extra effort to push it in front of you.

On average, a stroller with a child weighs 20-30 kg. It’s good if you run on a flat road with no slope, where the wheels roll easily and smoothly. But if you’re running uphill or on a snowy road, that’s where you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to move forward. In winter, after jogging, my arms were shaking from overwork, and sometimes my shoulder girdle hurt, not ready for such muscle loads.

8. Keep track of time

The training time interval is adapted to the child. If before you could run for hours, now you will have to forget about your habits for a while and focus on your child’s habits. Everyone chooses the optimal time to run, taking into account the needs and characteristics of the baby, but in my experience, an hour is the most practical interval for the child and the parent.

Although sometimes I ran for an hour and a half or two hours, but only on days when the child really wanted to sleep and was ready for a long sleep. Few children, especially infants, are ready to ride in a stroller awake, so it’s best to complete the workout before the child wakes up.

9. Be prepared to be misunderstood

The ninth rule is not a rule, but rather a warning: be prepared for public misunderstanding. Parents running around with strollers are the exception, not the rule. But I never paid attention to other people’s opinions. I just ran, but I ran sensibly, only keeping an eye on how my little mate was feeling.