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8 plant-changing gift ideas for garden lovers

It’s not always easy to find gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas Eve or Mother’s and Father’s Day… But don’t panic, if you decide to give a gift to a garden lover, or just to yourself, you will surely find an idea that suits you among the following!

1. A book

The advantage of booking is that there are all sensitivities, and that the choice is not lacking! It can range from beautiful photo book on the most beautiful gardens in the world guide to start permaculture at home, through the works that are full of garden tips. Without the . to forget cookbook, just to make good meals with vegetables and fruits from the garden!

2. A ticket to a garden

Real green open air museums, botanical gardens and other topiary creations are real heritage treasures. In France alone, there are a myriad of beautiful gardens steeped in history just begging to be visited! Between the English garden and the French, you just have to choose…

3. A voucher in a garden center

Simple and efficient, this kind of gift is perfect if you prefer to give the person the choice to take what he or she has need or want since a long time. It is the ideal gift for those who are afraid of making a mistake!

4. A card to plant

We also don’t forget the beautiful cards to plant that will undoubtedly be a original gift and poetic ! From this little attention will grow poppies and other wild flowers…

Credits: Easy Gardening

5. Tools and Accessories

Here too, the choice is quite wide… This can be a garden apron, a set of tools and utensils for make your own compositions of flowers, a tool bag easy to transport in the garden or even designer accessories such as watering cans and spray bottles.

6. A subscription to a garden box

In recent years, the boxes have seen a strong development… And the garden is not spared by this trend either! So bidding is possible plant packages for aromatic plants or even unusual fruits and vegetables, and so on. The contents of some boxes are the same bio for followers!

7. Decoration

We can always find something decorating an interior with natural things, or a garden and flower plants … There are the vases of course, which you can buy at the local craft store. But also the mini greenhouses, the lanterns and christmas lights for the garden, the original labels – why not made by you – to place at the feet of the plants … In the same vein, a herbarium frame homemade ones made with dried flowers can be much appreciated.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can make these objects yourself, or put the children contribution for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift!

8. Enrolling in flower arranging courses

This gift that fits more on time requires some dedication so make sure the person is motivated before offering it to him. Otherwise there are one-time initiation flower art workshops, aimed at all ages!