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8 beautifully landscaped gardens by the sea

The seaside gardens make more than one dream. Indeed, the sun, the sea air and the breathtaking view can only amaze garden lovers. However, the coastal garden requires know-how as some plants and general maintenance are not the same as in urban or rural areas. For a beautifully landscaped garden, it is possible to call on professionals who have mastered the trade! The purpose of a landscaped garden is to arrange it in such a way that it is reminiscent of a natural landscape, something that is in harmony with Mother Nature! To inspire you, here are 8 beautifully landscaped gardens by the sea.

1. Choose plants that suit the region

Before starting, it is important to know which plants are compatible with the region’s climate. At the seaside, the humidity is generally higher, so it will be necessary to turn to plants that are not afraid of humidity. The climate is quite mild which makes it possible to grow plants that are not very hardy, but the salt spray can burn the leaves and strong winds uproot them. Therefore, we must choose plants adapted to the coast.

2. Call on a professional and local landscape gardener

To minimize travel costs, it is advisable to hire a local landscaper. In addition, depending on the area where he works, he will have skills adapted to the field. For example, a landscape architect from Haute-Savoie will often be called upon to build retaining walls, in order to limit the risk of landslides. A landscape gardener in the English Channel will learn more about the characteristics of land located by the sea, and the inherent risks (such as fissures).

3. Build a terrace

A garden overlooking the sea offers not only a majestic landscape, but also easy cultivation. Sea level gardens are indeed too exposed to climatic hazards. Do not hesitate to arrange a small terrace and increase your facilities. You can even achieve continuity with the horizon, for example with blue flowers.

4. A tropical atmosphere

Do not hesitate to play with cacti and tropical plants for an exotic garden. You can easily combine them with beautiful succulents. In addition, cacti are known to be very resistant and low maintenance.

5. Play with Styles

A garden in a contemporary style goes very well with a beautiful sea view. Here’s a great idea for a contemporary patio that goes really well with the Mediterranean side!

6. Bring color to the garden

Although the azure blue dominates the sea and sky, nothing stands in the way of bringing peach colors into the garden with flowers in the colors of the rainbow. The agapanthes for example, they love the coast, especially in Brittany.

7. Olive trees in his garden by the sea

With a paradisiacal landscape overlooking the sea, an olive tree in the middle of the garden will only make the place idyllic.

8. Think high winds

In the fullness of the gardens by the sea, strong winds sometimes threaten to disturb this tranquility. For this, consider installing young plants, smaller and more prone to root quickly.