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6 simple tips to prevent drought in your garden

Every summer we don’t know how to maintain our garden. In heat the herbs dry out, the plants wither and despite watering nothing helps. Here are some tips to help combat your garden’s drought in the summer when it’s really hot!

1) When should you water your garden and how often?

It is clear that it is necessary more water in hot weather. First of all, we need to feed them as much as possible and always with the same frequency, so that our garden is used to them. Then it is smarter to do this in the evening, because they can absorb the water after a hot day. This will also prevent the water from evaporating too quickly in their favor. As a result, they are refreshed and ready for the new heat as soon as the sun comes up. It is also recommended to use a ground sprinkler system to take advantage of a better hydration for your plantations.

watering the plants
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2) Mulch the soil in your garden

Mulching the soil reduces the need for hydration of plants, because it nourishes the vegetables. It also prevents the growth of weeds. It is therefore an essential and very effective element for your garden, especially as it often acts as a natural fertilizer too!

mulch mulch to water plants less often
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3) Bring as much shade as possible in your garden

Heat is the source of drought and the sun too. Must therefore ombrator your garden to avoid as much heat as possible and therefore a dehydration of our plants. It is very important for your green! Trees and shrubs with dense foliage, a shade sail, a parasol or a pergola covered with vines are all great options.

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4) Save water

Maintaining your garden requires a lot of work from the gardener, but also a lot of water. Therefore, it is preferable during periods of rain to store water not to use too much. The use of a rainwater collector is ecological and economic, and this helps protect your garden from lack of water.

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5) Let the grass grow tall and prune

A lawn shaved dries very quickly! mowing in very hot weather is therefore preferable. In addition, it is recommended to long trimming to leave shade for your plants. As a result, they will dry out less.

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6) let the weeds grow

By the weeds, this will protect the soil from evaporation. However, they should be removed when the weeds begin to create unwanted seeds.

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