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6 good reasons to make your own vegetable garden

Working the land and making your own vegetable garden, growing your fruit and vegetables and then harvesting it is hard work, but so worth it. You can create and realize your vegetable garden in accordance with the environment! Struggling to find the motivation to farm in your yard? Here are 6 reasons that are sure to change your mind. Soon you’ll be picking up your shovel and your own vegetable garden!

1) It’s ecological

When we decide to garden, it is possible to choose the treatments given to our plants. Do you have an ecological conscience? So you can choose not to use chemicals and prefer natural or organic products. Instead of products, use so-called help insects to treat your plants against possible colonizing and invading insects. And if it’s green, it’s also because it’s our own production, so that’s not imported from distant countries.

2) It is also economical

Growing your own vegetable garden has many advantages, including economical! When creating your vegetable garden, you should even invest in specific material to complete your production. However, once purchased, this material will last for years, and you just need to buy seeds and other plants. A tomato plant will give you a large crop of fruit to harvest, just like your other purchases. Salad seeds aren’t expensive either, and for some fruits and vegetables, you can collect the seeds, germinate, and replant the following year. All this makes your vegetable garden an economical solution where you can pay the right price for your food.

growing tomato plants
Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Dan Gold

3) a healthy vegetable garden

The homemade vegetable garden offers you many health benefits. First of all, it is quite a complete physical activity that involves training a lot of muscles! Try to dig, plant, turn the land, mow the grass… You’ll see you also maintain your garden physically. Your vegetable garden is also good for your health, because you can use it to make healthy products that grow naturally and without pesticides. It is also a moment of pleasure because you can take a walk in your garden, watch your plants grow and harvest some produce.

4) Recycle your food waste

The trick to creating your own vegetable garden is to recycle your own food waste. Think compost and don’t throw away your banana peels, zucchini peels and other tops. Make a compost that will then serve asnatural fertilizer for your garden. Thanks to certain waste materials, you can also recreate plantations. This is the case with potatoes or even seeds that you can recover from damaged vegetables or that are no longer edible and so you can recycle smartly.

Credit: Flickr/Timothy Krause

5) It’s fun for kids

Having a vegetable garden in your garden will make it possible to keep your kids entertained and teach them to care for plants. You can indeed show them small gestures and teach them how to grow a vegetable or how to water properly. They will be able to see the evolution of their little tomato plant and eat the strawberries they planted. You can explain to them how a plant is formed and then its fruits. by combining theory with practice. It is also possible to have them done small creative workshops by personalizing old pots. What’s fun is to make these little pots look like snowmen, kids will have fun watching their little plant grow from their little man’s head! A smart way to raise children and make them want to eat the vegetables they have cared for.

6) Know what to plant and what to eat

The interesting thing about making your own vegetable garden is that you can decide what to plant and that often gives you more choice than in a supermarket. There are so many varieties that the home garden offers the opportunity to discover them all. In addition, it ensures that you produce the vegetables in the right seasons and consume your production at the time of nature. All you will reap will of course taste like the food as it will be picked when ripe. Say goodbye to fruits and vegetables harvested before maturity so they don’t spoil before being sold, and say hello to sun-kissed ones. The taste of a sun-warmed strawberry or a sun-warmed tomato will make you forget all the food you’ve eaten before.

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