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5 plants that symbolize the new year and the mild winter

How about a tour of the emblematic plants of the New Year and, more generally, of winter, after discovering the most famous Christmas roses? Even when winter is less productive, some plants warm the atmosphere with their brilliant colors. So what are the plants we can hope to see bloom in the winter and especially around the end of the year celebrations? Here are 5 plants that symbolize the new year and the sweetness of winter.

January 1st

Juniper is a small conifer that is undemanding. The needles in different shades of green will embellish your balcony or terrace. Indeed, this small conifer is easy to grow in pots. In addition, the juniper produces edible berries with a beautiful bluish color that can turn completely black.

juniper berry
Credit: baiajaku/iStock

2. Gui

Everyone knows the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. With its beautiful white berries and pale green foliage, mistletoe would provide protection to the home during this year-end. It is for this reason that it can usually be found at the front door. But it is also possible to grow mistletoe in the garden or integrate it into a flower arrangement.

mistletoe gui
Credit: Santje09/iStock

3. Holly

Holly is certainly one of the most representative plants of winter and of the holiday season. Its flamboyant red berries and pine green foliage light up the landscape. It is possible to grow it as a hedge in the garden to create a nice partition. But of course you can also make a place for it in your home by growing it in a pot for a festive decoration. Beware, unlike juniper, holly berries are not edible and even poisonous!

holly bush
Credit: JosepMonter/Pixabay

4. Laurel

Laurel is a hardy shrub that fits perfectly into your garden decor. It cuts very well and is perfectly resistant to all adverse weather conditions. The foliage brings a bit of freshness to the landscape. It is also very easy to cut so you can shape it the way you want!

Credit: saraTM/iStock

5. Tube

Buxus also lends itself very well to topiary, so let your imagination and creativity run wild to sculpt your boxwood. This beautiful shrub can grow up to 6 meters high, allowing you to make the garden vertical. You can also grow it in a pot and cut it into a nice bulb, for example. The green tones will enhance the garden as well as your interior.

Credits: ariesa66/Pixabay

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