5 Mistakes Not To Make In The Garden To Survive

Beautiful days are far away, but we must not abandon the care of the garden because of it all! Indeed, even in the cold seasons, plants work. Also, if you want to help your plants survive the winter and find a beautiful and productive vegetable garden in the coming months, you shouldn’t be surprised by the first frosts and keep wearing garden gloves despite the cold! In order not to kill all the plants in your garden, here are some mistakes you shouldn’t make when the cold and winter arrive.

Flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetable trees and other aromatic herbs give thanks in advance.

Mistake 1: You think you can’t sow or plant anything

However, with the cold, the garden goes to a more or less dormant state. That’s why we tend to think that gardening is no longer necessary. Eventually, we leave our outdoor space a bit abandoned and the garden gets a desert look. And yet it is a wide variety of flowers and plants which can grow during the winter. Winter, for example, is the best time to plant carrots, watercress or even aromatic herbs. The main thing is to avoid periods of frost and protect new seedlings to protect them. In addition, man can completely decide plant cover crops to protect the soil. In this sense, winter rye is a very good choice!

Mistake 2: You decide not to uproot boundaries and vegetable land anymore

Gardeners can choose to take a break in the winter. However, this does not apply to weeds that can take advantage of this to make it easier! So do not hesitate to devote a little time to manual weeding, but also to remove the moss that has spread to the fruit trees. So that you don’t have to weed out all winter, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it cover certain areas with a tarpaulin to prevent weeds from flowering, but also to germinate the seeds. Leave the tarpaulin in place until the warm weather returns.

Mistake 3: You forget to protect your soil and garden plants in the winter

vegetable garden winter cold snow
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Under the pretext that we take less care of the garden and that “nothing grows” (even if we have seen in the past that this is wrong), a gardener can be made to let plants die without care or shelter. However, the ground must be protected and insulated from the cold! However, with good 10-20 cm thick mulching (grain straw type) for brittle seedlings created in autumn, with winter curtains and mounds you can prevent many losses in the gardenas well as in winter general major damage to the garden.

Mistake 4: Do not water young plants

Irrigation of plantings sown in the autumn should not be abandoned because it is raining or snowing and therefore the water needs of the garden are less important in the winter. These young plants really need you to remember to water them when the rains are less frequent. This will help them thrive and develop their roots. However, do not exceed one watering every ten days. !

Mistake 5: Winter vegetables are not collected from the garden

cabbage garden winter frosts
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If you leave these vegetables in the ground, they will not grow bigger unless the weather improves. Also, neglecting the harvest can also attract rodents because of yours plantings may gradually rot. So you can’t take advantage of it and many unwanted people can invite themselves to your vegetable spot! Therefore, they must be kept cool in the refrigerator or boxes in the basement or garage while waiting for cooking and eating quietly.