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5 ideas to use the tree as a decoration for Christmas and New Year

If we like the interiors of houses so much this season, it is certainly because we spend much more time there than during sunny days! Dressing up your house for the holidays is an excellent idea to calmly get into the Christmas spirit… And what could be better than the Christmas tree for a lasting decoration?

Whether you choose to add a touch of spruce next to the traditional Christmas tree, or just around replace the last one, There is no shortage of ideas ! It is quite possible to choose a decoration in natural colors with beautiful shades of green, or to add a little red (or other colors) through other flowers to spice up the result a bit… It will depend on taste!

1. An original table runner

Associated with red berries or holly, the fir tree fits all tables, large and small. This adds a more natural touch to the atmosphere.

Credit: iStock/OlgaPonomarenko

2. The Essential Christmas Wreath

Whether you put it on the door or in the house to serve as a decoration, it always has its effect! you can use rush to make it before placing the fir branches, or make it with ribbons to confirm the different branches.

christmas wreath decoration
Credit: iStock/Ilona Shorokhova

3. A seasonal bouquet

Easily arranged in a vase or a nice bottle, the pine branch is nicely accentuated. It is also very suitable for compositions more extensive! In both cases, it is ideal on a piece of furniture or above the fireplace.

Christmas tree decoration bouquet
Credit: iStock/dvoevnore – Pxfuel/Public Domain

4. A natural candlestick

Hard to evoke winter without adding anything some candles… A plate, a pair cones embellish, and voila.

    Christmas tree decoration candle holder
Credit: iStock/NRuedisueli

5. A delicate gift wrapping paper

For a Christmas morning under the sign of elegance, opt for neutral gift packaging such as kraft paper. Embellished with a string and a small pine branch, it gives a authentic result that we particularly appreciate.

Christmas tree gift
Credit: iStock/Stephanie Frey

And theadvantage of using the treeis that all these decorations promise to last as long as it takes to wait until the holidays! For New Year’s Eve or just to warm up the atmosphere in the winter, these 5 ideas are therefore ideal because they are easy to make. Which one (or which one) do you fall for?

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