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5 ideas to improve and beautify your garden

While all seasons bring their share of minor gardening and planting, spring is when we begin to enjoy the great outdoors. The return of sunny days heralds the long evenings and afternoons in the sun. Here are 5 ideas that can inspire you to make some improvements to your garden!

1. Get started with topiary

It is not only colors that can bring harmony to the garden, textures and shapes Also ! If you have hedges in boxwood or spruce, why don’t you try topiary? Spheres, cones and other geometric shapes can: bring elegance to any exterior.

boxwood edge
Credit: iStock/Yarygin

2. Organize the space

It’s never too late to create different outdoor spaces. This can be done by setting borders, planting hedges or erecting a fence or other elements such as a sofa, a swing set or garden furniture. By creating corners with beds or screens you can enjoy shaded areas not overlooked, ideal for the summer!

garden space aisle border
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3. Add a fountain or a water point

Fountain, basin, pond … The choice of models can be to everyone’s taste! From the designer fountain to the country washbasin, there are different ways to bring some freshness under this form. Small gardens are, of course, more suitable for small auxiliary fountains. It is ideal for relaxing while enjoying the sound of running water, for example by a bank near.

garden fountain
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4. Encourage wildlife presence

What would a garden be without the life that animates it? For example, if we value dragonflies for their ability to repel mosquitoes, we can also try to attract them birds, squirrels, hedgehogs and other pollinating insects. To do this, we can use insect hotels, plants like lavender or spread feeds and drinking water points, much appreciated during the hottest days.

heat wave animals hedgehog
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5. Add Decorative Elements

There are, of course, the essentials such as the garden furniture style – in wood, rattan, pallets or wicker – and flower pots, but many equally subtle elements can bring charm and character to an exterior. For example garlands, a pergola, by lanterns or the choice of ground between pavement or gravel …

garden lounge
Credit: JACLOU-DL/Pixabay