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5 helpful questions before you start!

Whether it’s a driveway or a gravel garden, several options allow you to incorporate a little mineral into the garden. It is the perfect element for a zen, modern, exotic and original atmosphere. Which plants lend themselves most easily to this type of arrangement? What are the advantages ? Here are all the good questions to ask yourself before you get started!

1. Why create a gravel garden?

This type of garden is ideal for those who cannot or do not necessarily want to spend a lot of time maintaining a garden. It represents a time and water saving, the waterings can be staggered. Another advantage: the gravel makes it possible to drain the ground and from keep the heat on the ground, which makes it possible to maintain plants that are sensitive to large temperature changes. the gravel brings clarity in the garden, and also slows down weed growth, a blessing to those who hate this chore!

2. How do you determine the ideal location?

A house entrance modern alley, a whole small garden space in which we do not want to lay a lawn … In itself, the possibilities are only limited by your wishes! However, there are some areas that are better suited for gravel landscaping. It is the case for places exposed to the sun – even drought – or sandy soil. You can also use a unpaved driveway to structure the space of your garden.

3. Which gravel to choose?

The factor that seems most important in this case is: aesthetics : do you want white gravel? Or fine gravel ? Or rather: pebbles ? A mix of the two? As for white gravel, it is better to keep it for small areas: with the reflections of the sun, it can hurt the eyes. For example, it is possible to playing with colors and materials create patterns. Usually it’s best to focus on: cream shades for an elegant and timeless look.

modern garden gravel topary art
Credit: iStock/UJ Alexander

4. Where to find it?

Remember to choose gravel closest to you, this makes it possible minimize your carbon footprint and around the . to respect nature of your soil by choosing a gravel that comes from a nearby environment. The careers near your home are all recommended to buy it! If you cannot choose this option, DIY garden centers and signs also sell in bags. Best if you want gravel in reasonable amounts.

5. What plants will enjoy it?

It may sound counter-intuitive, but many plants will thrive perfectly in a garden – or a path – of gravel! Let’s quote an example lavender, sage, ornamental garlic, but also grasses and bulbous plants. The dasylirion, the agapanthus or the hollyhock will also develop well, as will the fescue. On the shrub side, the pittosporum can be well suited, as well as juniper.