5 common mistakes that will surely kill houseplants

Fans of green plants praise their beauty (ideal for brightening the interior) as much as their benefits, especially the air-purifying properties of their surroundings. However, in order for these beautiful plants to beautify our interior for a long time, they need to be pampered a bit. Otherwise, they may wither quickly! And unlike the myth, you don’t necessarily have to have a green thumb to keep your plant alive. Very often, basic practices are more than enough to maintain them. Good gardeners, if you want to keep your houseplants healthy, learn how to avoid common mistakes.

Mistake 1: Place the houseplants on the heat source side

houseplants in the refrigerator
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Whether it’s a radiator or a fireplace, the proximity of a heat source can kill an unbearable plant at high speed. As for tropical plants that are used to high heat, they don’t appreciate me. ”dry air caused by the radiator. You will therefore need to spray their leaves more often to maintain adequate moisture levels. Not very practical! Finally, remember that heat promotes the growth of red spider mites. For all of these reasons, select a location away from radiators for your houseplants.

Mistake 2: Irrigation with cold water

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Plants do not like heat shocks and the most sensitive can therefore quickly lose out. So use room temperature water for successful irrigation!

Mistake 3: Give the houseplants too much water (or not enough!)

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Too much is often a good enemy, especially when you start gardening. Also watch out for standing water in a cup or cache that can drown the roots and suffocate the green plant. Before removing the watering can, always check the condition of the country. If it is still moist, no need to water. On the contrary, if the ground is dry, it is time to give it a little water. Also ensure optimal watering sewerage. This helps in the removal of water and its good distribution. To allow the soil to drain well, add clay stones or perlite to the bottom of the pot.

Mistake 4: Poorly selected exposure to plants

brightness of orchid re-flowering
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Light is essential for photosynthesis. However, this does not mean that your houseplant needs to bask in the sun all day. In addition a direct sunlight can burn their flowers and leaves ! Therefore, direct sunlight should generally be avoided.

Do not hesitate before “embracing” the plant. check the brightness it needs. Full sun, half shade, etc. Depending on the light you need, always think about where you can place them before buying. So you will never go unnoticed. For orchids, for example, a bright but clad window is ideal.