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5 clever uses of banana peel … in the garden

Immediately ready, straight into the trash! However, this is not because of a lack of memory: banana peel is very useful. Whether it’s polishing your leather shoes or whitening your teeth, there are many uses. Also, some may not be surprised to learn that it can be used in the garden as well. In addition, many leftover food can be used as fertilizer or for the garden (coffee grounds, eggshells…) But how can we make it useful? Grandma shows you how to save her a one-way trip to the garbage can with these clever uses for banana peels in the garden.

Why use banana peel in your garden?

Banana peels are a gold mine of minerals and beneficial nutrients that plants love. It contains potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium, nitrogen, vitamins, manganese, copper and antioxidants. So it is a very rich organic waste. The banana peel is therefore a good fertilizer for garden plants. It gives them vitality, stimulates their rooting and brings growth and resistance to diseases, but its use does not stop at this fertilizing power ! Here is the wide range of applications.

1) Banana peel to enrich the soil in the garden

All year round, banana peels improve the soil, especially for flower beds or vegetable beds. When planting a rose bush, burying a banana peel under the foot promotes the growth of beautiful flowers. The food-hungry tomato and eggplant plants also love it. It can even be used on land that has not yet been cultivated (e.g. in winter) to prepare it for spring planting. To do this, we cut the peels into small pieces and mix them over the soil. You can also bury a whole hide, if you dig a little deeper. This would risk attracting all kinds of nocturnal animals.

banana peel
Credit: Flickr/David Goehring

2) A skin to slip into your compost or vermicomposter

Are potassium and nitrogen improve the quality of the compostbecause they are both very useful for many plants. The skin also supplies iron and magnesium, which are crucial for the micro-organisms that enable good composting. For a better decomposition, always make sure to cut the peel into small pieces. You can also add your entire skin, but always make sure to bury them deeply. Otherwise it will attract all the martens and rats in the area.

3) Water the plants in the garden with banana peel water

Banana water is unstoppable for boosting tired plants. It is an effective natural fertilizer, free (or almost), organic and highly effective. Take advantage of the watering to use this very nutritious water, we can indeed accelerate plant growth and promote beautiful flowering. To do this, add a few banana peels to buckets of water. Then let it macerate for 2 or 3 days before watering.

banana peel
Credit: Flickr/Claire Knights

4) For successful vigorous seeding

To have beautiful seedlings, it is necessary to feed them enough and take good care of them. But hey, banana peel offers a lot of useful nutrients! This will enable them to healthy germination. Just make sure the hole you slide your seedlings into (about an inch deep) is wide enough to accommodate the banana peel lengthwise. Then lay it flat in the trench with the yellow side against the ground. Then place your seeds on it, cover with soil and make sure it stays airy and watery.

5) banana peel as a natural repellent

his scent repels certain pests such as aphids. To do this, just chop the banana peel and bury it at the base of the plants, under a little soil in the garden so as not to attract other small critters. Always to prevent small pests such as the codling moth caterpillar or small worms from attacking your plants, and more particularly your fruit in which they like to live, no chemical pesticides required. Only hang banana peels on your fruit trees to attract them. Then replace the sheets as soon as they are contaminated. You can also wax the leaves of your plants with the white insides of the banana peel. In addition to pollinating the leaves to aid the photosynthesis process, it also provides them with vitamins;

Bonus : Banana peels attract pollinating insects (butterflies, bees, etc.). Another reason to consider this organic waste as a benefit for the garden and not just because they are brilliant natural fertilisers! Chemical fertilizers just have to go and get dressed …

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