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5 beautiful flowers to celebrate All Saints’ Day

Although All Saints’ Day is of religious origin, it remains partly a popular tradition. As the name suggests, All Saints’ Day (November 1) is a tribute to all saints. Eventually, over time, this festival became primarily a day to honor the dead. According to tradition, this day we go to the cemetery to lay flowers on the graves of our loved ones. But the main topic of this article is not the origin of All Saints’ Day, here are 5 beautiful flowers to celebrate this popular tradition.

1. The Classic Chrysanthemum

If there is one flower that enters the autumn landscape, it is the chrysanthemum. It is the most popular flower of All Saints’ Day and it is not for nothing that it is nicknamed ” daisy of the dead This particularly hardy plant is very resistant to cold and its colors are as numerous as its shapes. The chrysanthemum is also the symbol of eternal life in Japan.

chrysanthemum halloween flowers
Credit: Ananaline/iStock

2. Hellebore, the Christmas rose

Hellebore blooms until Christmas, from which it takes its name. Like the snowdrop she has the ability to push through snow, because the cold and lack of shade do not affect growth. In addition, hellebore has a large color palette, which brightens up gray landscapes.

Helleborus Christmas Rose
Credit: angelinaelv/Pixabay

3. The Cyclamen

Cyclamen are flower bulbs blooming in the fall (some in the spring) and give off a lovely fragrance. Resistant to frost, cyclamen will also delight the colors of the garden or funerals for All Saints.

Credits: armsnano / Pixabay

4. The night

Gauras aren’t the flowers we turn to first… and wrongly! They have long been classified in the cannabis family because they have the ability to multiply at a high rate. And yet the gauras sublimate the flower beds of their shades ranging from white to pink. They can withstand negative temperatures quite well, both in pots and in the ground. They bloom from spring to fall, but to keep it until then, you need to provide water during periods of strong heat.

Gaura (Gaura lindheimeri) flowers
Credit: Klavdiya Volkova/iStock

5. Heath

There are many types of heather. For example, we can mention Erica heather, a wonder both autumn and winter. And heather is not always green: in the colors red, purple, bluish or orange there is something for everyone! She also require little maintenance, but does not like an atmosphere that is too dry. In the middle of the flowers for All Saints’ Day, the heather will provide volume and verticality.

Bruyere Erica
Credit: ulleo/Pixabay

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