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20 Amazing Geometric Plants!

Nature isn’t done surprising us yet! We love it when she lets herself go in all directions without a sketch. The whole forms a lush landscape with imperfect shapes. And yet it is entirely possible to find plants with disturbing geometry! In fact, these plants seem almost symmetrical, as it is rare to meet such beautiful ones. And above all, don’t see any human intervention in it. Nature still has many beautiful surprises in store for us. Discover 20 incredibly symmetrical plants!

1) Crassula Buddha’s Temple

It is both beautiful and enchanting!

2) Hoya curry

These little red flowers look like delicious sugar candy!

3) Drosophyllum Lusitanicum

It’s amazing what nature is capable of. There is an airy and magical atmosphere from this plant.

4) Chou Romanesco

Romanesco cabbage is not unknown as it can be found in the supermarket!

5) Aselliformis Pelecyphora

Seen from above, this plant appears to have tiny caterpillars in its head!

6) lobelia

An infinitely beautiful spiral!

7) Delicious

We know this one too. Up close, succulents are incredible to analyze. More natural beauty.

8) chou fractal

This cabbage, we all know it! It is the well-known red cabbage that is usually eaten in salads. You only need to be a little interested in it to see how aesthetically pleasing this vegetable is.

9) Aemonium Tabuliforme

This plant is sure to catch the eye.

10) sail

If we dwell a little on the ferns, we can detect a certain geometric aesthetic.

11) Crassula Buddha’s Temple

This temple of Crassula Buddha is like a snakeskin.

12) viola bag

This plant has very beautiful colors.

13) Amazon water lily

You rarely see the underside of a water lily… it remains impressive!

14) Aeonium tabuliforme

Magnificent and enchanting. It’s amazing what you can find in the wilderness.

15) Agave

Agave is increasingly present in the form of syrup on store shelves. This plant is sublime.

16) camellia

This flower is a real geometric beauty.

17) mosaic plant

It’s all in the name!

18) passiflora

The shapes are just as impressive as the colors.

19) Aeonium tabuliforme

The shapes follow each other incredibly well.

20) Aloes Spiral

The spiral appearance is surprising and peculiar.

And you, which geometric plant do you prefer?


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