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18 Incredibly Beautiful Flowered Entry Doors

The verandas in London can no longer be presented. After the beautiful colorful doors of the Notting Hill area, here are the most beautiful flowered entrance doors in London! In the spring, the English quickly get to work with gardening. And let’s face it: they have a knack for growing their flowers. Although a very large urban and cosmopolitan city, London has retained its “so British” side with its lush and sophisticated gardens. In short, the British are the kings of decoration! In addition, do not hesitate to take a guided tour during the Christmas period. It’s just magical during the holidays. Discover London in bloom with these 18 floral entry doors that will bring stars to your eyes!

1) A beautiful shades of roses

2) A beautiful tree with beautiful purple colors that surrounds the two windows

3) A flowery and colorful bow to welcome you

4) A very nice blue shop window

5) Virginia creeper

At the end of summer, an autumn scent wafts over the verandas of London.

6) An enchanted house

7) A fragrant path to captivate the guests

8) Welcome to the house of miracles

9) This pub shop window will make you want to walk through the doors to sample quintessentially English drinks.

10) A colorful coffee

The front of this tough little cafe is all the more beautiful in the spring.

11) A flashing door and a cascade of flowers…here’s a successful entry!

12) Another very English pub that fills our eyes!

Overgrown wooden barrels, columns and flowers by the thousands, this London pub has put it all on the outside decoration! We hope so neat inside…

13) Flowers that bend like a parasol to protect against the heat

14) It’s already Christmas!

One of London’s most incredible verandas this holiday season!

15) At the window we see beautiful lavender plants.

This minimalist decoration exudes a certain scent of the south. We have no doubt that she hit the mark!

16) Vegetable bells

A carpet of seasonal flowers that seem to ring like enchanted bells!

17) We’re pretty sure such storefronts can only be found in the Notting Hill area!

18) When the shop window almost replaces the Christmas tree!

The English have a real eye for detail. Parties and decorations usually mean a lot more to them!

These beautiful pictures were taken by the photographer Bella Foxwell.


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