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16 special plants for your garden!

Nature will continue to surprise us and especially the plant world. The shapes, colors and scents are so varied that it would take more than a lifetime to know all the species on Earth (besides the ones we don’t know yet!). Many special plants are little known because of their rarity or their price. But nowadays they are becoming more and more popular. Discover 16 special plants that you can easily grow in your garden!

1) Fritillaria persica “Adiyaman”

Plants with a black color are still fascinating. Normally, it is a color that you rarely see in nature. To bring out the Fritillaria persica “Adiyaman”, do not hesitate to play with plants with pink or purplish colors.

2) Allium schubertii

Allium schubertii is definitely a member of the garlic family. But this plant is very different, because it does not make shoots (bulbils). In addition, the exploded shape of the inflorescence remains in place for almost two months! However, when the seeds ripen, the head breaks off and disperses the seeds in the wild! The very hardy allium schubertii requires a well-drained soil and a lot of light.

3) Mathiasella bupleuroides

Mathiasella bupleuroides is related to angelica and parsley. This plant has tall stems with finely cut leaves.

4) Queen’s slipper

Like the clumps of Venus, this Canadian orchid has the power to grow in our gardens. Place it in partial shade in moist soil. The stems grow up to 30 cm high and the large flowers bloom from June!

5) Paris polyphylla

It’s not the color that impresses, but the shape of the Paris polyphylla! In order not to suffocate in the greenery, place this plant in height or on a neutral background!

6) Pleione formosana

Although very small (about 10 cm), the Pleione formosane orchid produces very large flowers. In addition, it is very resistant to cold.

7) Ismene “Forward”

The flowering of this plant lasts only 15 days, but it is worth it! The bulb gives rise to a tall stem topped with a fan of leaves from which in turn emerges a peduncle with four or five particularly delicate trumpet-shaped flowers.

8) Scandens dicentra

Also called coeur-de-Marie, the dicentra scandens has the incredible shape of a heart!

9) Hellebore hybrid black

The Christmas rose continues to surprise. Here’s the black version!

10) Zantedeschia aethiopica “Pink Mist”

This variety is a bit slow to multiply. Usually uniform in color, here it gives us pink accents!

11) Asarum splendens

The strange thing about this plant is not only its flower, but also that it is fertilized by snails!

12) Tropaeolum ciliatum

This plant brings light to your garden!

13) Thamnochortus insignis

Often confused with rushes, Thamnochortus insignis offers stems worthy of fireworks! It accepts all soil types!

14) Imperata “Red Baron”

It is the only grass that has such a bright red color!

15) Aesculus x Neglect “Erythroblastos”

This small tree is also called horse chestnut tree with red leaves. These bright colors appear for two weeks in March, after which the tree changes to a more discreet light green.

16) Hydrangea involucrata

This hydrangea is known for its huge, pure white inflorescences that resemble creamy rice pudding.


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