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10 great plants for your bathroom

How about giving your bathroom a “jungle” feel? Who doesn’t dream of taking a shower in the middle of tropical nature? A Zen atmosphere for a moment of relaxation in an exotic setting! This room of the house is quite capable of housing green plants, but not just like that. The bathroom is usually hot and humid when you shower, but dry and cold the rest of the time. The chosen plants must therefore be able to withstand these regular temperature changes. It is best to have a window or other opening that will provide natural light to the plants. Discover 10 perfect plants for your bathroom.

1) Ferns

Ferns do very well in moist environments. Originally from the undergrowth, she appreciates limited atmospheres, shade and humidity. In addition, it is one of the polluting plants and it is easy to maintain!

Credit: Alexas_Photos/Pixabay

2) the banana tree

Depending on the variety, the banana tree can reach a height of 1 to 7 meters. The roots should never stand still in the water. Always place clay balls on the bottom of the pot for this. Do not place it near the bathroom window, because it is afraid of direct sunlight.

banana tree
Credit: Igor Kushnir/iStock

3) The papyrus

The papyrus is a very graphic plant with slender stems and very aesthetic leaf umbels. It will beautify your bathroom. It must be watered regularly.

Credit: makamuki0/Pixabay

4) the orchid

This plant is voracious in the light, so place it near the window. It will fully thrive in the humidity of the bathroom. All maintenance advice here.

orchid phalaenopsis flower
Credit: ulleo/Pixabay

5) The Philodendron (or Monstera)

Originating from the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, the Monstera will find its place perfectly in the bathroom. This plant is highly valued for its aesthetics and its graphic leaves. Make sure that the plant is in good light for beautiful green leaves.

delicious monstera
Credit: Joanna Pędzich-Opioła/Flickr

6) The aglaonema

Aglaonema thrives perfectly in a warm and humid atmosphere. Its size allows it to be placed on the edge of the bath, sink or window.

Credit: PENEBAR/Pixabay

7) The ficus

Light is essential for him, but without direct sunlight! It will also be necessary to mist the foliage regularly.

Credit: juliopablo/Pixabay

8) The Sanseveria

Also called “mother-in-law’s tongue”, this plant is afraid of direct sunlight, but appreciates humidity.

Credit: KatiaMaglogianni/Pixabay

9) The tillandsia (or daughter of the sky)

This plant does not need soil. So you can hang it anywhere in the bathroom.

Credit: cristty/Pixabay

10) The Pepperemioid Stack

The Chinese currency factory is a must these days! Its round leaves will seduce you. To put in the light!

Pilea peperomioides
Credit: Anneli Salo/Wikipedia


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