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10 French Gardens and Parks Worth Seeing

In France there is undoubtedly a longstanding tradition of gardens and parks. The name of the French garden is just one example. So which ones are worth a visit? Here is a non-exhaustive list of gardens and parks that are among the most beautiful in France!

1. The Gardens of the Palace of Versailles

It is undoubtedly the best example we can find to present the excellence of the French garden, here sublimated by Ours ! Because of the diversity it contains, you can get lost in it for hours the orangery, the different bushes, the royal garden or that of the Trianon so prized by Marie-Antoinette.

garden park castle Versailles
Credit: iStock/Vladislav Zolotov

2. The gardens of the Château de Villandry

Spread over three levels, these are almost more famous than the castle they surround. The Ornamental garden patterns geometry fascinates, and you can wander at will in the various labyrinths and surrounding gardens, one of which is dedicated to aromatic plants.

Garden of Chateau de Villandry
Credit: iStock/Nellmac

3. The Prafrance bamboo plantation in Anduze

In the South of France, this unique place is full of crowd of varieties bamboo, flowers, trees and plants, many of which are among the rarest in the world. All in one fifteen hectares !

bamboo series Anduze
Here’s the Japanese pavilion. Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Hélène Badouin

4. The Artist’s Garden, Giverny

This garden is both an opportunity to connect with nature and culture. It is indeed the Claude Monet’s house, in which appears the garden that directly inspired his most famous painting: Les Nympheas.

Giverny Monet's Garden
Credit: iStock/Iraqite

5. The Gardens of Menton

known for being citronniers, the town of Menton is also home to beautiful gardens, including those of Val Rahmehu, between the Maria Serana Garden or that of the Pink Fountain. So spoiled for choice, all close to the sea. Perfect for vacation!

Val Ramheh Garden Menton
Val Rahmeh Garden. Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Gossipguy